Wire-It offers cost effective telephone systems for any size business.

Wire-It can offer new business solutions with the convergence of services over IP that supports powerful new e-business applications.Manage all your messages and calls from your PC. Unified messaging converges voice, fax, and e-mail messages onto a user’s PC or laptop, to be managed by one standard application, such as MS Outlook or Exchange.

Eliminate the cost and hassle of moves, ads and changes. Users can connect anywhere without intervention by an administrator. With centralized, automatic IP address management, you can relocate your phone down the hall or in a branch office, and your service comes up in the new location exactly as if you were in your own office.

Reach remote users by extending your company network to them. Telecommuters and branch offices or field stations can enjoy the same connectivity and features as their colleagues in the office. All staff can be given access to the company intranet or internet. We can consult with you about security solutions to keep your network secure.

Empower your contact management base with telephony integration. Click to call company directories and automatic screen pop of your customer’s account information with calling line ID.

What can a converged voice and data network do for your business?

  • Increase productivity – Converged networks allow users to receive emails and phone calls from multiple systems through one device.
  • New online services – Enable “talk to a representative” features on your website to connect your customers quickly when they have questions.
  • Streamline your business – By combining your voice and data networks through converged technology, businesses can realize significant cost savings.
  • Integrate your smart phone with your IP phone system.

Voice over IP isn’t the solution for every business. A lot of our smaller retail customers do not require this kind of technology, so for them we are quite happy to provide a plain telephone system that will serve them well for many years.

If you are unsure of which technology is best for you, please give us a call and allow us to discover the solution that best suites your business.